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Icon Coins Contributes to OzCon Philly 2016

ozlimitededitionThe International Wizard of Oz Club will be holding its 2016 National Convention on August 5-7, 2016 in the historic city of Philadelphia.  As the event is being planned, we are happy to announce that Icon Coins will be a part of the festivities!  As a variety of quizzes, games, and auctions will be part of the convention schedule, Icon Coins will be providing a set of our Limited Edition Wizard of Oz Collectors Coins to be taken home by some lucky attendees!

Our Wizard of Oz coin is a perfect fit for the convention, not only because it also celebrates Oz, but because it features the artwork of Oz illustrator W.W. Denslow, who was born in Philadelphia!

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For More Information on OzCon Philly  – Click Here


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Concept to Coin: The Wizard of Oz

Below is the evolution of the Icon Coins Wizard of Oz Collectors Coin.

The top row shows the concept art/design for the coin, which was designed using the original illustrations created by W.W. Denslow for the very first edition of L. Frank Baum’s classic, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The middle row shows the 3D rendering of the concept used to create the die used by the mint to strike the coins.  And finally, the bottom row shows the finished Wizard of Oz coins, struck in heavy brass with an antique gold finish.  Only 500 of these coins where created and very few remain.  Visit our shop to order yours today! Click Here