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Bigfoot Collectors Coin Featured in Festival Game App

Imagine this:  You are playing Super Mario Brothers, but instead of Mario, you are Bigfoot.  And instead of collecting plain old generic coins, you are collecting Bigfoot Collectors Coins by Icon Coins!!  Too good to be true!?!  No!

Gearing up for this years 3rd Annual Oregon Bigfoot Festival on Saturday, August 17th, 2019, organizers have teamed up with Gaggle Games to bring you The Oregon Bigfoot Festival: Bigfoot Arcade! Available in the Google Play Store, this FREE app allows you to romp around as Bigfoot collecting Bigfoot Coins, squashing creepy-crawlies, and avoiding pitfalls and obstacles. Along the way you will also become familiar with some of the great sponsors and supporters of what is quickly becoming one of the premier Bigfoot events in the country, The Oregon Bigfoot Festival!!

Download Bigfoot Arcade – Click Here

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