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Richard Dreyfuss Receives The Jaws of Bruce

I recently had the incredible honor of meeting with Hooper himself, Jaws star, Richard Dreyfuss, to present him with The Jaws of Bruce collectors coin! Mr. Dreyfuss was quite impressed, commenting on the size, weight, and detail of the coin. We had a nice conversation about the design and minting process, which he was rather interested in.

To top it all off, Mr. Dreyfuss was willing to autograph a coin for my personal collection. While there is a nice smooth area on the front side of The Jaws of Bruce coin, it is a bit smaller than most items he is used to signing, so he had an idea…..

“I’m afraid if I sign my whole name it won’t fit, but I have a nickname that my friends call me, and it’s something that people used to call my dad. I love when people call me this. It’s ‘Dreyf’….. Would you mind if I signed it like that?”

Of course, I had no objection!

Thank you, Dreyf!!! Enjoy The Jaws of Bruce!!!

– Ralph Asbury, Icon Coins