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Bigfoot Coin Creator Talks Inspiration

With the Bigfoot Collectors Coin on its way I wanted to share with you my inspiration for the project. Being a pop culture kid from the 70s and 80s, it would have been nearly impossible for Bigfoot to have escaped my radar. As far back as I can remember Bigfoot has been an enjoyable part of my life in one way or another.


One of my earliest interests in Bigfoot was the Saturday morning show “Bigfoot and Wildboy” by Sid and Marty Krofft. I was a huge “Land of The Lost” (another Krofft show) fan already and “Bigfoot and Wildboy” quickly became a favorite. This was around the same time as Star Wars was a big hit, and I was one of those kids who had all the action figures. Between recreating scenes from the Death Star, I would take my Luke Skywalker figure and my Chewbacca and use them as Bigfoot and Wildboy. Good times!


I would watch Planet of the Apes on television as they often aired those films on Sunday afternoons. I used to put gloves on my feet and mimic Cornelius. Then I saw a commercial for Buster Brown Bigfoot shoes! I didn’t really care what the shoes looked like, but the bottoms had a footprint that would leave Bigfoot tracks on the ground. I had to have them!! They even came with a Bigfoot ring/whistle… Again, good times!


Being a huge wrestling fans, I instantly recognized the great Andre the Giant as Bigfoot on The Six Million Dollar Man episodes “The Secret of Bigfoot” Parts I and II. I also instantly realized that the later episodes to feature Bigfoot were not Andre in the role, but rather actor Ted Cassidy (who I did not recognize).

When I was a little older I liked to read books about Bigfoot. I must have spent hours staring at images from the classic Patterson film. I was always a little confused in school as to why the Bigfoot books were in the same section as the books on Dracula, Frankenstein, and such, as clearly they are fiction…….

As an adult I have enjoyed plenty of documentaries about Bigfoot, along with any number of movies presenting various fictional Bigfoot situations. Everything from Harry and the Henderson’s to horror movies. Today there is a large variety of Bigfoot info available online and on television, and I try to take in as much of it as I can. Bigfoot is a very alluring subject that pulls so many people in. Believers and non-believers alike. To me there is no debate. Bigfoot is out there!

My line of collectible coins at is an extension of all things that have interested me as I try to keep my work related to things that I love, and the subject Bigfoot is surely one of those things. The Bigfoot Collectors Coin is for all of us who have enjoyed Bigfoot, experienced Bigfoot, and continue to have Bigfoot in our lives. Its a great keepsake for anyone, young and old. Thank you to everyone who has already ordered their Bigfoot coin! If you have not, please do as the earlier you order, the lower the number you get from the limited edition. There will only be 500 of these, and they are moving quickly!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

Ralph Asbury, Icon Coins

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