Around the World with Santa Claus

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When one thinks of Santa Claus one of the most amazing thoughts is the global journey he makes each Christmas Eve to spread cheer and the spirit of giving. To honor Santa and his efforts we wanted to design a coin that reflected who Santa is in various cultures and how he is able to make his annual trek.

The “Heads” side of the coin features a high relief 3D portrait of the man himself, Santa Claus.  As you can see, he is reviewing his list to determine who has been naughty and who has been nice!  In order to create the portrait, we had to make sure we knew what Santa looked like, right?  Red suit, fuzzy hat, white beard….  Sort of….  We all have a basic idea of what Santa looks like. At the same time, we also know he has a lot of helpers.  We wanted the coin to look like Santa.  The real deal.  Truth be told, we have known Santa personally for quite some time, so we asked him to send us some reference photos. Surrounding the portrait are twelve names that Santa goes by around the world.

The “Tails” side of the coin features a magical recreation of the compass Santa uses to travel the world on Christmas Eve!  Although lots of technological advances and upgrades have been made to Santa’s sleigh over the years, this trusty compass is the driving force to keep Santa on course.  While usually under tight wraps, Santa allowed us unprecedented access to the compass in order to accurately portray the finest details.  Thanks, Santa! Surrounding the compass is a variety of languages from around the world proclaiming “Merry Christmas!”

This addition to the Icon Coins family is limited to 500 coins minted.

Each Collector Will Receive:

  • 1.75″ Die Struck “Around the World with Santa Claus” Coin w/Antique Brass Finish
  • Red Velvet Coin Pouch
  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity