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Bigfoot Collectors Coin Featured in Festival Game App

Imagine this:  You are playing Super Mario Brothers, but instead of Mario, you are Bigfoot.  And instead of collecting plain old generic coins, you are collecting Bigfoot Collectors Coins by Icon Coins!!  Too good to be true!?!  No!

Gearing up for this years 3rd Annual Oregon Bigfoot Festival on Saturday, August 17th, 2019, organizers have teamed up with Gaggle Games to bring you The Oregon Bigfoot Festival: Bigfoot Arcade! Available in the Google Play Store, this FREE app allows you to romp around as Bigfoot collecting Bigfoot Coins, squashing creepy-crawlies, and avoiding pitfalls and obstacles. Along the way you will also become familiar with some of the great sponsors and supporters of what is quickly becoming one of the premier Bigfoot events in the country, The Oregon Bigfoot Festival!!

Download Bigfoot Arcade – Click Here

For Full Oregon Bigfoot Festival Details Visit:

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Icon Coins Sponsors 3rd Annual Oregon Bigfoot Festival

Icon Coins is very happy to announce that we will be sponsoring the Oregon Bigfoot Festival for the 3rd year in a row!  We will be providing some awesome coins to the event including our popular Bigfoot Collectors Coin and our BRAND NEW coin celebrating THE YETI!

The 3rd annual Oregon Bigfoot Festival will be held on Saturday, August 17th, 2019 at Glenn Otto Park, in beautiful Troutdale , Oregon. There is a $5 suggested donation for adults and $2 for kids 12 and under for the FESTIVAL ADMISSION. Festival hours are 10am – 5pm.

You may also purchase tickets for the OREGON BIGFOOT CONFERENCE featuring special guests Cliff Barackman and James “Bobo” Fay from Animal Planets “FINDING BIGFOOT” ®

For full event details visit:

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The Kintner Boy Gets The Jaws of Bruce

I recently had the pleasure of presenting Jeffrey Vorhees with The Jaws of Bruce collectors coin! Mr. Vorhees portrayed the ill fated Alex Kintner in JAWS. He traveled from his lifelong home on Martha’s Vinyard to New Jersey to appear at pop culture convention, Chiller Theatre. We had a nice conversation about the longevity of JAWS, the enthusiasm of fans, and his genuine appreciation for what he called his “little piece of history.”

Also, I am thrilled to add The Jaws of Bruce coin that Mr. Vorhees was willing to autograph for me to my personal collection!

Thank you, Jeffrey! Your piece of history of history is HUGE to us!! Enjoy The Jaws of Bruce!!

-Ralph Asbury, Icon Coins

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Richard Dreyfuss Receives The Jaws of Bruce

I recently had the incredible honor of meeting with Hooper himself, Jaws star, Richard Dreyfuss, to present him with The Jaws of Bruce collectors coin! Mr. Dreyfuss was quite impressed, commenting on the size, weight, and detail of the coin. We had a nice conversation about the design and minting process, which he was rather interested in.

To top it all off, Mr. Dreyfuss was willing to autograph a coin for my personal collection. While there is a nice smooth area on the front side of The Jaws of Bruce coin, it is a bit smaller than most items he is used to signing, so he had an idea…..

“I’m afraid if I sign my whole name it won’t fit, but I have a nickname that my friends call me, and it’s something that people used to call my dad. I love when people call me this. It’s ‘Dreyf’….. Would you mind if I signed it like that?”

Of course, I had no objection!

Thank you, Dreyf!!! Enjoy The Jaws of Bruce!!!

– Ralph Asbury, Icon Coins

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Concept to Coin: The Jaws of Bruce

Below is a walk through the process of creating The Jaws of Bruce Limited Edition Collectors Coin.

Theme: The Jaws of Bruce
This coin was designed to honor the mechanical shark, Bruce, who has gone on to become a legend in his own right outside the blockbuster success of Steven Spielberg’s 1975 smash hit, Jaws!  Although it is well documented that Bruce was not easy to work with on the set, his film debut terrified a generation and then some.

Concept Art: Once we pin down the theme of our coins, we create the concept art as a visual representation of the coin.  This is adjusted until it is an accurate example of how we envision the coin.

3D Model: When the concept art is completed it is used to create a 3D model. This model goes through various adjustments to ensure that key features are not only visually accurate, but also to ensure that they meet technical specifications for the minting process.

Finished Coin: Upon final approval of the 3D model, a die is cut and used to strike the coins into solid heavy brass.  This process is followed by a series of finishing procedures resulting in the finished high quality coins that we pride ourselves on at Icon Coins.

Design: Front
The “Heads” side of The Jaws of Bruce coin features a high relief closeup of Bruce as would be seen by the actors who filmed their final scene with Bruce.  Although Bruce was not a real great white shark, I could only imaging how scary it must have been to be in the water with him!!

Design: Back
The “Tails” features a high relief full view of Bruce perched upon his rig that was used to maneuver and control this mechanical menace, along with a set of familiar barrels, some spare teeth, and an iconic vessel.

Only 750 of these Jawsome coins are available worldwide!

Click Here to Order Yours Today!

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Thanksgiving Special at Icon Coins

Happy Thanksgiving from Icon Coins!  To help usher in the holiday shopping season we are offering a great Thanksgiving Special.  Simply buy 2 of our beautiful collectors coins and get one FREE!!

Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Choose the three coins you would like to purchase and add them to your shopping cart.

Step 2: Enter coupon code: TURKEY

We will deduct the full price of the third coin from your total giving you three awesome coins for the price of two!!

This offer is available from 11/20-11/23/2017.  One free coin per order. Cannot be combined with other offers or coupons.

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